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“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”
-Frank Capra

WC Impressions, a division of Eriksen Services, is a full service production company based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. With recent advances in digital filmmaking, WC Impressions jumped on board the train with the acquisition of a RED Scarlet and a RED Epic. In the continually evolving world of media, we are able to offer all aspects of production to meet your needs. We have the capability to structure for our select clients and have extensive packages available for you to choose from to make your creative endeavor a reality.

We also offer marketing, publishing and promotional packages to help your project grow from an inkling to a tangible absolute. With a deep appreciation for the story behind your concept, we have zero issues on presenting your tale with a passion that is rare in the industry. So follow your hunch, embrace your creativity and contact us to open doors that you never would have thought possible.

Meet the Cast

W.C. "Doc" Eriksen
The Fearless Leader

Teddi M. Eriksen

Dusty June
Client Liason, Special Effects, and Make-up

Shem Beard

Derek Cofer
Stills and Print

Charysa Williams
Stills and Print