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How to make a Digital Impression, William C. Eriksen Style!

12 March 2012
This past weekend, William C. Eriksen, in conjunction with his film company, WC Impressions, hit the open road and a raging river to begin their first digital shoot! The RED cameras were lovingly broken in and Black Bart, the Baja Bandit, hit the water!

Since the final product of the shoot is top secret for now, we can't reveal too much just yet!



William C. Eriksen Tackles RED School!

06 March 2012
With the addition of RED cameras to the arsenal of media equipment here at Eriksen Services, William C. Eriksen boarded a plane and headed out to sunny California to attend RED School in February of 2012!

The RED Digital Camera Company manufactures digital cinematography cameras and accessories. RED currently produces three cameras: Red One, Epic and Scarlet. WC Impressions, a subsidiary of Eriksen Services, currently owns an EPIC named "STUDLY" and a SCARLET named "SEXY"

Need a Hit?? WC Impressions, founded by William C. Eriksen, has REDs and will Shoot!!!

Make-up Artist and Social Media Expert Joins the Team

17 Feruary 2012
Dusty June recently joined our staff as the Creative Director for Eriksen Services. With an extensive background in marketing, social media networking, fundraising, event planning, special FX makeup, training, teaching, business ownership and a deep affectionate love for coffee, she is a perfect fit. She has worked in theater, radio, film and TV and is currently the lead female vocal lead for a soon to be released Adult Swim Cartoon.

Taking her 15 years of special makeup experience into account, she currently teaches seminars, classes and offers advice to give up and coming makeup artists a little bit of edge and a lot of protection in a tough industry. Her students have catered to Indie Films, Community Theater, haunted houses and people who just like to walk down Bardstown Road once a year as the living dead. The goal is to work on any budget and still make the look as realistic as possible. She has worked for numerous production companies across the U.S and has never been afraid of taking on any project. She recently wrapped up work for Director Lee Goldberg and his Dead Man Series under the umbrella of WC Impressions, a division of Eriksen Services.

Juggling a being a mom and a career in early education and film, she has also produced a national radio show, started non-profit events, opened an art gallery and managed several haunted attractions. She also excels in social networking with a firm understanding of people and their motivations.

Extremely analytical, she enjoys the scientific approach to life while still being afforded moments of creativity. Thinking outside of any box is her forte. One quirky morsel of information about Dusty June, she is deathly afraid of Ice Cream Trucks and never watches scary movies, she just makes them.